Expert Condemns Late-Term Forced Abortion in Chinese City

Forced abortions have always been the enforcement mechanism of last
resort for the one-child policy. Hundreds of thousands, if not
millions, of late-term abortions happen every year in China. The
forced abortion recorded in the link below is unusual because it was
captured on film by a camera crew and posted on YouTube.

When the woman in the video was found to be pregnant with an
illegal second child, a dozen family planning officials came to her
home to arrest her. As her husband explains in the video, “They
held her arms behind her back, pushed her head against the door,
kicked her stomach,” an obvious efforts to cause a miscarriage.

When this failed she was taken to a family planning detention
center where she was held down and given a lethal injection into the
uterus. There are huge bruises on her arm; evidences of her struggles
to escape their grip and save her child's life. Her baby is still
moving during the video but she knows it will soon die.

Steven W. Mosher, President of the Population Research Institute,
witness identical scenes of brutality when the one-child policy began
30 years ago. “Over the past three decades, tens of millions of women
have suffered through what this woman has experienced: Arrest,
imprisonment, and the deliberation execution of their unborn children
by agents of the state.”

“I commend the news reporter for having obtained this tragic story
and broadcast it to the world,” says Mosher. “But I would offer one
correction. The reporter claims that forced abortion is not central
government policy in China. This is mistaken.”

“The Chinese Communist Party puts tremendous pressure on officials
to meet quotas for live births. They are today—and have always
been—completely responsible for the way their cruel one-child policy
is being implemented. It is on their orders that millions of women
have been dragged into abortion mills, strapped down on operating
tables, and forced to have abortions by lethal injection—often
followed by cesarean-section abortions to remove their now dead
babies. The Chinese Communist Party brags that it has prevented 400
million births over the past 30 years. That works out to about 13
million babies each year.”

“The next time you think of buying something ‘Made in
China,’ think of these women and their suffering, and put it
back on the shelf,” says Mosher.

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