PRI President to Speak on Overpopulation at Georgetown Conference

Front Royal, VA, 1/23/13 – Steven Mosher is speaking this Saturday, January 26, at Georgetown University’s 14th Annual Cardinal O’Connor Conference for Life, “the nation’s largest student-run pro-life Conference.” As a part of the March for Life weekend events, Georgetown will bring together many of the top well-known leaders in the prolife movement.

Mosher’s talk, entitled, “The Myth that Kills: Overpopulation as an Excuse for Genocide” takes a different angle at the issue of abortion. The mass killing of innocent unborn children is horrible enough. When it is promoted on the basis of a myth, that is even worse.

If people see their children as a burden on society and the environment, what motivation is there to keep them? This myth has infiltrated all aspects of our lives and must be exposed and debunked in order for children to be seen as not only good, but beneficial to society.

Other speakers at the conference will include Helen Alvaré, Lila Rose, Marjorie Dannenfelser, Tom Peters, and many more.

The conference is from 9:30am to 4:00pm. For more details visit the website here.


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abortion isn't genocide, it

abortion isn't genocide, it is part of a solution to over population, which is the major problem causing other problems. For example, supply of veggies and other natural foods are low, supply is high, increasing prices making people turn to shit food. Also too many people and to few jobs. this is just at the top of my head, i don't know what other problems this could cause. just think about the pros and cons of abortion.( I do see why people would disagree with it but it can't be our choice to prevent someone from getting an abortion!